Quad riding

Are you ready to feel the rush of adrenaline, the wind in your hair and the smell of nature?

You can book a quad bike ride in the beautiful Herzegovinian environment.

Malo Polje

Helmet included

No previous experience is necessary

The requirement is to have a category B driver's license with the signing of a declaration of responsibility, 2 quads are available, driving on marked roads, the quads are registered and insured

1h driving (Fuel is not included in price) - 70 KM/h
Driving 2 to 3 hours - 60 KM/h
Driving to 4 hours - 190 KM/h
Driving 6 hours - 220 KM/h
Driving 8 hours - 270 KM/h
Driving 10 hours - 300 KM/h
The maximum daily driving time is 10 hours

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