About us

Visit Blagaj is an activity of the Halal vacations travel agency, and in that business segment we focus on promotion, consulting and sales of excursions and outdoor activities that will make your vacation complete and unforgettable.Our goal is to enable visitors to experience all that Blagaj has to offer, to explore the natural beauty and enjoy various outdoor activities.

The mission

To provide superior service and experience to all visitors who come to Blagaj, enabling them to discover the natural beauty, outdoor activities and rich culture of this place.

Why Blagaj?

What makes Blagaj special is its enchanting nature, the source of the Buna River and the historical ambience it exudes. Today, one of the most visited tourist destinations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a special place belongs to the Dervish Tekija. Located under a high rock at the source of the Buna river, it enchants you every time.

“Explore the beauty of Blagaj: Where nature, history and culture unite”

Visit Blagaj

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